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Lava tubes are caves made by the lava/volcanic activity here on the Big Island.  Lava tubes may be found throughout the world where there has been a shield volcano in the past.  These Hawaiian lava tubes are completely unique in the world, however, due to the unique properties of the lava here in Hawaii.  The "hot spot"--the volcano that builds these Hawaiian Islands over time, comes from deep, deep in the Earth.  The iron from the core of the Earth shows up as amazing colors inside the tubes.  The viscosity of this Hawaiian lava is also different than other lava around the world and leads to the possibility of lava formations (such as the Dripple Spire Stalagmite above) that also happen nowhere else.

Kilauea Caverns of Fire, sits on top of the Kazamura Lava Tube system, the "longest lava tube in the world".  The system is also known in both the scientific and spelunking worlds as the "showcase of lava tubes" for a couple reasons: First, anything that you can see in a lava tube anywhere in the world, you can just come into this system and see it.  And secondly, the system was created during the largest lava flows in the history of the island that happened here around 500-600 years the system is extremely "fresh"... when you are inside, except for the ecosystem that has developed, you are exploring in a cave system that has not changed since its formation only a few short years ago (in Earth time).

These lava tubes are an amazing natural wonder that are completely unique to these Hawaiian Islands.  And then here in these Hawaiian Islands, although tubes may be found on the other islands, they are predominately here on the Big Island.  Especially in this younger section of the island (where the volcano is still active).  As the activity has settled down over the last 1000 years or so, the flows here have made an uncountable number of these lava tubes in the recent past.

Come and visit us to see these unique and amazing caves.  The tours are both  amazing visually, and highly educational.  After spending some time with us INSIDE the island, you will have  a new-found perspective and appreciation for these islands and how they  were formed.  Even if you don't think that you are interested in caves, the incredible beauty, peacefulness, and specialness of this sacred place will be something that you will never forget.  Please call us to arrange your tour time.


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